Speaking Testimonials

Thank you again for coming to join our Rotary Club yesterday morning. You were great! I wish we had more of our members there for your presentation. You did a great job, and certainly opened my eyes to what hypnosis really is.
Chris Hasling
Blaine/Ham Lake Rotary Club

I have to say, you are a hands down the best speaker. I’m sure you have heard that a million times, but I was soo moved by every word you spoke. I envy you and would love to learn more on how to feel that exhilaration you clearly exuberant to many. Anyway, went on your web site and just was curious as to the cost to book some sessions with you. I am very excited that I found your session on weightloss and more importantly I have realized after hearing you, my husband and I need to start surrounding ourselves with the right people.

I was at your Weight Loss Hypnosis Class this past Saturday….First and foremost I would like to thank you for a a great class….Needless to say I was quite surprised by how the class went. I really feel as though I learned a great deal and furthermore, you were a great instructor. I was afraid going into the class that you would come across as some super perfect and condescending hypnotherapist but you are quite the opposite (and I can’t even tell you how grateful I am for that)!

Thank you so much for your seminar, since attending I have cut my pop intake down to almost an none and it was the easiest thing to start picking up water instead of pop. Also my biggest vice was candy bars they were so easy for my on the go lifestyle and since your seminar I started packing fruit instead. I feel healthier knowing slowly and healthily the weight is coming off.
Sara L.

Anthony, thank you for an amazing presentation at the MainStreetChamber Minnesota | Small Business Networking event today. You did an outstanding job and I look forward to having you speak again soon.
Lisa Saline
President, MainStreet Chamber South Metro Chapter

Anthony is a dynamic professional speaker who will make a difference for your team!  My business is massage therapy where rapport and building trust through communication are very important.  As Anthony and I talked about how the mind works in this setting, I knew he would be just the speaker to engage our team and open their minds creatively towards being their very best you.  He did just that and more!  His positivity was catching and his message was relevant and intelligentThe staff even asked for pens to take notes!  Anthony is a motivational speaker who will inspire your team to vision their role and be their greatest self.  Give Anthony a call today to inspire your next team meeting.
Terri Burkes
The Wellness Center

THANK YOU so much for adding such important information to our meeting. We have a great team and work hard to build that feeling and reward them with education they can use in life as well as in the clinic. Your information was perfect. It was fun to have you stay for questions and input. Much more than I had expected.  You are a dynamic, inspirational speaker and I will recommend you to friends and colleagues.
Joyce Tesarek
Minnehaha Animal Hospital

Thank you so much for your excellent presentation at our recent Rotary meeting. Not only did you clarify myths regarding hypnotism, we also learned some interesting  information. We have a much more clear understanding of hypnosis. The bonus was demonstrating on one of our colleagues, truly fascinating!  This was a program I will definitely remember.
Jan Held, President
Waconia Rotary

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