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3 Words That Guarantee Failure

(The following article was originally published on 03/19/12 here: http://www.inc.com/geoffrey-james/3-words-that-guarantee-failure.html) People who fail to achieve goals signal their intent to fail by using this common phrase. Make sure you aren’t falling into the same trap. People who fail to achieve goals … Continue reading

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Hypnosis: Transforming Your Existing Trance

          The above quote is truly profound!  It encapsulates what I truly do when I work with folks in a clinical setting. When a person comes to see me, they think they are wanting a solution … Continue reading

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Have you ever thought of that question before?  So, are you normal?  When working with people in achieving the transformation they desire, I have discovered that how the person answers that question, often determines the nature of the outcome of … Continue reading

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