Pain & Pleasure: Don’t be Deceived!

Pain-and-Pleasure-ParadigmsWe are certainly in a common class with the beasts; every action of animal life is concerned with seeking bodily pleasure and avoiding pain. ~ Augustine


Is this REALLY the sum total of our lives. Sadly, many of us live like this. We end up calling darkness “light” and light “darkness”. Could it be that the very thing we’re avoiding is the source of LIFE….AND the very thing we’re vehemently pursuing is the source of DEATH.

I often see this principle in my office and…well….in life around me. There is so much that can be said, but I will keep it brief.

PAIN….is a gift! I tell my clients that the feelings & circumstances of pain, suffering, etc. IS the gateway to their transformation and healing. It gets our attention and points the way! When we finally rest and embrace what we thought/believed was destructive, bad, negative, etc. we will then believe (& experience) it to be what it is…A GIFT. It will then no longer control us. We will be open & ready for the answer(s) we need.

It is through the path of brokenness, suffering and pain (emotional) that we will find life as our mind discovers & unfolds the purpose(s) behind it.

Pain removes the veil; it plants the flag of truth within the fortress of a rebel soul. ~ C.S. Lewis

PLEASURE….is a deceiving mistress. It lulls us into complacency and lifeless lethargy. Like a person lying in the lap of luxury and pleasure being served & receiving all the pleasures of life only to discover their muscles have atrophied & can’t walk. So to, is the person who strives for that fictional “ease” or “pleasure” or “easy way out”, etc.

It is often the tenacious pursuit of pleasure that perverts our meaning of what would we call “discomfort” or “pain”. This single minded pursuit keeps me from the joys of being human: the ability to adapt and to compensate resulting in experiencing (becoming) the best me!

How is your life MOVING? Away from pain & toward pleasure? What meanings have you given these two words? What a joy it is for me, to help so many heal from their crippling meanings and strategies.

Consider: Why don’t you simply experience….then move…in a more useful way!!! Moment by moment, move with wonder & awe at the marvelous life you’ve been given.

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