ptsd-symptomsThis is the place for effective PTSD treatment for YOU!!! You CAN be free from this slave master!

No matter what you’ve been told, PTSD does NOT have to be your hopeless existence! You CAN heal & recover to a healthy way of living again. REMEMBER: your own genius mind that created this “movie” in your mind to keep you “alert” & protect you is the SAME MIND that can create something totally different; a healthier way of living. With the use of hypnotherapy & NLP, I will simply use your own genius mind’s creative ability to bring about the change you desire. 

PTSD, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, consists of a series of symptoms that arise from a traumatic event which occurs in one’s life.

The symptoms of PTSD usually consist of:

    • Intrusive flashbacks (reliving a violent scene in your mind)
    • Nightmares or recurrent bad dreams
    • Anxiety disorders resulting in chronic physical pain, body tensions, teeth grinding
    • Over reacting to situations with seemingly little control
    • Sudden outbursts of rage or temper tantrums
    • Unexplained fears or phobias, such as a fear of butterflies
    • Sleep disorders
    • Inability to relax the mind and the body
    • Persistent stress, tension, fears
    • Inability to concentrate, loss of memory

Another common thread is that certain people or situations may suddenly remind the person of the traumatic event. We call these triggers. A trigger is anything – person, place, thing or situation – that reminds a person of the trauma, and sets off a PTSD symptom such as a flashback.

Who needs PTSD Treatment?

War veterans are not the only ones in need of PTSD Treatment. PTSD can affect anyone who has ever experienced severe psychological trauma. Examples of psychological trauma are as follows: childhood abuse (of any kind), car accidents, witnessing a murder or suicide, rape, spousal abuse, witness to or victim of violence, witness to or victim of any type of disaster. There may be many more possible types of trauma.


With hypnosis & Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP) my work is brief therapy! My friend, you CAN be free from PTSD! The goal of my work is simply this: to render myself useless to you! There is no reason why you should have to “deal with” or “live with” PTSD any longer! The work I do is considered BRIEF THERAPY. For PTSD, on average, I have worked with clients in as little as 1 session up to 6 sessions. My goal is to render myself useless to you!

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