Freedom from Depression with Hypnosis

Depression is the “silent killer”.  The gloom….the desperate feeling of sadness and utter sense of hopelessness is virtually tangible.  It’s as if you’re in a downward spiral of despair that you just can’t stop.  I know this all too well.  In August of 2007 I fell into the depths of depression and attempted suicide.  Soon after I met with a hypnotherapist for 3 sessions.

My circumstances remainFreedom from Depression with Hypnosised the same and habitual behaviors.  So, a couple months later and against everything I believed, I was convinced to go to a psychiatrist who diagnosed me as having “bipolar disorder”, and began taking anti-depressants.  The confusion increased as did the depression & so the psychiatrist convinced me to check into the psych ward of a hospital.  I quickly realized I didn’t belong.

Soon, after my discharge I stopped the pills & “therapy” and I was somehow able to simply change my thinking.  I then realized it was the hypnosis sessions that had set my “mental files” in order.  My life has not been the same since.

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Hypnosis worked for me and it will work for you too.  You see, when the software of my mind was debugged and then rewritten so to speak, it’s as if I can no longer maintain a depressive mindset.  So, don’t continue living in your  dark cloud of depression! Hypnosis WORKS…let it work for you!  To schedule an appointment or to speak with me further regarding the transformation you desire, call me for a free consultation today.

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