Hypnosis: Transforming Your Existing Trance






The above quote is truly profound!  It encapsulates what I truly do when I work with folks in a clinical setting.

When a person comes to see me, they think they are wanting a solution to their anxiety, depression, compulsions, habits, etc. In reality, their “issue” is due to the trance in which they are and have been living. Let me explain.

Hypnosis is nothing more than, “The bypass of the critical factor of the conscious mind, and the establishment of acceptable selective thinking.” (Gerald Kein) James Braid after coining the phrase “hypnosis”, tried to change it to “monoideaism” or “one idea.” This occurs naturally; ALL the time. You see it when we drive, read, daydream, make love, participate in sports, etc. It is that deep focused attention. 

By the time a person is 4-7 years old, they have already established an “acceptable selective thought” of who they are and how they are to live in this world. Remember, this is a subconscious beliefIt can be destructive or constructive in nature.  It can be empowering or enslaving.  

Thus, they have formed an unconscious mythical purpose or causal path they are walking on that is based on their original unconscious limiting beliefs or goals.  This trance is then deepened throughout their lives by the law of compounding effect. In other words, by repeated “suggestions” (by words, circumstances, events, etc.)

This is where I and all Consulting Hypnotists come in. I merely guide or navigate the person to use their own masterful mind to alter their existing trance. To find the cause and fix it. In other words, discover their limiting beliefs or mythical goals and perspectives and “reprogram” it/them to a more constructive and empowering “trance.”

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