Have you ever thought of that question before?  So, are you normal?  When working with people in achieving the transformation they desire, I have discovered that how the person answers that question, often determines the nature of the outcome of our work together.

We live in a pathologically minded society driven by the medical community.  It is a mindset that chases symptoms, and therefore looks at people as totally flawed.  This mindset has fueled the pharmaceutical industry and have filled their coffers to overflowing.  All at the expense of “normal” people walking around with a label.  Never once do they ask, “Hmmm I wonder what caused this?”

Like a scarlet letter we wear these labels faithfully AND live up to them precisely.  These labels are often nothing more than “waking hypnosis” or as the MD’s back in the 1890’s-1900’s used to call it, “Suggestive Therapeutics”…..the power of suggestion, EXCEPT that they’re utilizing it negatively.

So, when I meet a person for our first session, I desperately work toward helping them to see and accept the reality that they ARE normal.  For you see, as Alfred Adler taught us in this month’s quote, we are ALL abnormally normal.

What I explain to my clients (especially those suffering with depression, anxiety, phobias, etc.) is that they truly are “normal”, but they have developed screwed up strategies to traverse this thing we call LIFE (as we all have).  I continue to explain that these “strategies” (or map, or perceptions) are often learned by the age of 4 or 5.  

If they can have that “Aha!” moment and see this truth clearly, they are then in a wonderful position to heal/transform. Why?  Because they are now starting from the position of health and strength.  Motivated to discover the cause.  It’s like they have laid a strong and sturdy foundation of truth upon which to build a healthy life.

So my friend, let me ask you again, “Are you normal?”  I hope you can begin to understand more clearly how very normal you really are and be motivated to discover the origins of what it is you desire to change.

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