My Philosophy

treatment for anxiety & sex addiction

These are the principles my practice is built upon:

  • Encouragement should be at the heart of all change work/therapy!
  • It is vital that we embrace our humanity & have the courage to be imperfect!
  • Everyone has neurosis but you don’t HAVE to live neurotically.
  • We ALL have within ourselves the resources for change.
  • You are NOT broken or abnormal.  Your mind is functioning exactly how it was intended to function as a merciful reminder that there is something that needs to be restored or healed.
  • All behavior has a purpose.
  • The lens of normalcy not pathology (not broken, strategy etc.).
  • I work with people & do NOT treat anything
  • Movement is life! (useful vs. useless).
  • “We live in the light of reflected action. The things that happened to us in the past are still happening to us every day.” (Dave Elman)
  • We’re living in the trance of our own BELIEFS!sex addiction mn
  • My work is client centered – I use what my client gives me; like a “therapeutic dance”.
  • Brief change work – Change can happen quickly
  • We are socially Embedded (connected)!

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